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We proudly announce that we have started a new service – DETAIL CALL REPORT (DCR).
It is one of the cheapest and very efficient service in the world.
For quick demo, please click on
Please give us a call on +91 98243 17637 ( Jinesh Shah ) for any details.
This is a web based application and it does not need to install anywhere. It can be accessed in any browser from desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phones.
Please go through below part for more details and better understandings.
It is essential ( and sometimes mandatory ) for each company to manage daily activities of all marketing \ sales \ support \ office staff. Management must come to know:

  • What has each person done daily ?
  • How many tasks has each person done ?
  • How much time has each person spent in each activity ?
  • How many are new leads\customers created ?
  • How are distributor \ dealer network maintained by person ? etc..
Without these data, any company can never get efficiency of each person. Even any person can show wrong data and ultimately company suffers the loss of time spent by the person, expenses by the person, salary of the person, resources of the company wasted etc. It can damage the company reputation or profile in market.
But, our software can reduce the above points and give you better view.
Using our DCR software, each person needs to enter proper and valid data. Each data must be verified by higher level authority. So, chances of wrong entries must be reduced ( even zero ). If any person enters wrong data, higher level authority can reject that entry.


  • Each person’s entry is verified by higher level authority. Data is complied so it can be verified, modified or rejected.
  • Easy to search visit or call entry.
  • No need to maintain any attendence data. It is generated by this software.
  • New customer data within duration. So, management can know the ability or expertise of each person.
  • Higher authority can search data of each person. It is upto N-Level.
  • Customer type or territory or state etc. wise reports.
  • Other reports.
We are going to add other modules in this software shortly. It will be related with pre and post sales.
We are sure that you will like our product.


Registration charges – Rs. 250
Monthly charges – Rs. 500 ( for 30 persons ). Rs. 100 for 25 additional persons.
No need to have your own web server. This application is run from our web server having high security and latest technologies.
Please feel free to call us for more details. If you want to have a demo of this application, we can easily schedule a demo.
We can also customize this application as per your needs. Charges will be applicable as per the customization.